Aluminium is a popular alternative choice for metal roofing and exterior cladding, valued for its flexibility and durable properties. This readily available metal is lightweight and can cover a vast surface area at a low cost.

Aluminium can be coated in a variety of colours and finshes to mimic the appearance of more expensive non-ferrous metals. Aluminium is also extremely malleable, so can be formed into complex and creative shapes. Value Engineering with aluminium enables an architect to achieve sought after results within a smaller budget.

Whether you are planning an aluminium roof, a pitched roof, or aluminium wall cladding, our experienced team at Varla can help you achieve stunning results from this highly dependable material.

Why choose Aluminium?

  • Aluminium has life expectancy of up to 70 years with manufacturers offering material guarantees on their products.
  • It is an economical alternative to other non-ferrous metals and is therefore often used as a value engineering option.
  • Aluminium is low maintenance and corrosive resistant as its natural oxide coating provides an effective barrier against the elements.
  • Aluminium is a lightweight material which greatly reduces the amount of pressure that is placed on a buildings structure. Lightweight materials are also cheaper to transport and easier to handle on site.
  • If you are looking for an environmentally friendly metal material, aluminium is 100% recyclable.
  • Aluminium is non-combustible and fire-retardant.
  • Aluminium offers great flexibility. It is a malleable metal that can be formed into complex and curved shapes and it can also be coated in a variety of colours and finishes to suit a wide range of designs.
  • It is suitable to install aluminium in close proximity to the sea or in an industrial area.

What to be aware of with Aluminium

  • Aluminium is not compatible with some materials.
  • There are other hard metals with a longer life span than aluminium (for example, Copper or Zinc).

If you are looking for aluminium roofing and cladding contractors to slot into your construction plans, Varla can work around your requirements for the design and installation. Alternatively, we can guide you through the process, acting as the principal contractor for the entire roofing and cladding package.

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