Rainscreen cladding offers a solution for ‘dressing’ the building envelope with a variety of materials and finishes. This can be particularly useful when refurbishing a building where the existing walls can be overlaid with a lightweight Rainscreen system, thus greatly enhancing the appearance of the property.

Whilst the look of the building can be the main driver for Rainscreen Cladding, careful consideration must also be given to the system’s design, performance, weather proofing and thermal performance. The name of the system confirms that in many instances the Rainscreen has open joints and must be designed to allow the water that passes through to fully drain or evaporate and be carried away through a ventilated space in the wall build up.

Why choose Rainscreen?

  • Provides great design flexibility and works with an extensive range of materials and finishes.
  • Helps reduce thermal movement through the wall which reduces energy costs.
  • Lightweight system thus reducing the buildings overall dead load.
  • Low maintenance and durable façade solution.
  • Rainscreen cladding is not restricted to using a single material. This type of design can be used with composite materials, terracotta or faience cladding, zinc, copper and more.
  • The outer finish can also be fixed using various methods such as secret fix, structural bonding, or face fixed.

What to be aware of with Rainscreen cladding

  • Interfaces with penetrations such as doors and windows are critical, and must be designed correctly. If repairs are required in those areas they are also much harder to undertake.
  • This form of build-up does not have decades of history to show up any long-term weaknesses.
  • It is necessary to detail the façade so that any penetrating water cannot cross the gap between the Rainscreen and the internal wall construction. Pressure-equalised systems allow the movement of air between the inside and the outside of the Rainscreen so that water is not driven or sucked through the joints.

If you are looking for rainscreen cladding contractors to slot into your construction plans, Varla can work around your requirements for the design and installation. Alternatively, we can guide you through the process, acting as the principal contractor for the entire cladding package.

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